Terrible Things Happen

The Aislers Set

Terrible Things Happen

SLR 55 » released September 1998

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1. Friends Of The Heroes 8. Long Division  [mp3]
2. California  [mp3] 9. London Madrid
3. Holiday Gone Well 10. Cocksure Whistler
4. Alicia's Song 11. Army Street
5. Been Mistreated 12. Falling Buildings
6. Mary's Song 13. Jaime's Song
7. Why Baby 14. My Boyfriend (Could Be A Spanish Man)  [mp3]

When the great Henry's Dress broke-up, a light went out in San Francisco. Would things ever be the same? Would we ever be dazzled again by such pure punk/mod/pop greatness? With Amy Linton on the case, there should never have been any doubt! After recording and touring in the superb Go Sailor with Rose from Tiger Trap and Paul from Crimpshrine, she got down to the business of recording a bunch of fantastic songs that she'd been working on since the Dress called it quits. The results are this amazing album.

Not content to merely (!) write some of the most sublime pop tunes this side of Ray Davies, she also got busy in her garage studio and recorded and produced almost the whole record by herself. It's a remarkable feat that you won't believe once you hear the record. Every song is given a unique treatment, and a love for such producers as Phil Spector and Brian Wilson shines from each and every groove. This is no shameless 60's pastiche, though, as is the case with many other current artists who claim to worship Pet Sounds. The songs are all unmistakably The Aislers Set, with the echoes of classic pop past filtered through a totally 90's aesthetic. There's really not words enough to relate how multi-layered this record is, you've just got to check it out for yourself.

And as if all this wasn't enough, halfway through recording the album Amy got a full group of friends together to help flesh things out. Included in the full band are: Alicia from #Poundsign# on bass , Yoshi from Scenic Vermont/Poastal on drums and Wyatt from Track Star on guitar. The band is only heard on a few songs on the album, but be sure to look for their live shows to get the full effect. And let's not forget the most recent addition: Jen from The Fairways who now plays organ with the Aislers.

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